Who We Are

HEAD UP EYES FORWARD is a lifestyle brand created in memory of Ryan 'Terry' Moss.  Ryan lives today through this brand by sharing his quirky art style and his words of encouragement.  He loved the outdoors and had a heart for helping others. That is why we give 100% of the brand's profits back to worthy charities that impact the community and our environment!

Landon and Susan Moss are the co-founders and partners in Head Up Eyes Forward. Mom and son spend time finding ways to create a company that serves to remember Ryan and all that he loved while providing encouragenment and physical and financal support to worthy non-profits.

Moss mountain outfitters

Head Up Eyes Forward is the charitable arm of Moss Mountain Outfitters. Located in the heart of the River District of Danville, Virginia, We carry the leading brands in outdoor gear and apparel!

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